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Video format

1920 x 1080, 60fps

Screen size


Image format


Video format


Power connection

80W, 5V 12A


413 x 291 x 40 mm


HDMI & USB 3.0


4000 g

  • Smart

  • Flexible

  • compact

Endo Industrial EN-sure plus 1

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The EN·sure USB HD camera is a compact and exceptionally versatile system, suitable for all rigid and fiber optic endoscopes. No matter how difficult the conditions on site are, thanks to its small dimensions and simple operation, the system is ready for use after just a few seconds. It delivers razor-sharp images and videos in HD quality - for precise, meaningful diagnoses.


The high-intensity LED light source is integrated into the system and therefore eliminating the need for any separate light source and control unit. Grab the camera, connect your notebook, PC or tablet and get started right away. No software is required – you can store your inspection results directly on the connected device. The EN·sure USB HD camera is a powerful inspection tool for the industrial use with an exceptionally low purchase price.

EN-sure Plus

The revolution in industrial endoscopy

Areas of application

  • Mobile and stationary areas of application in connection with the EN-sure camera system

  • Quality assurance

Inspection of:

  • Castings

  • Turned and milled parts

  • Aircraft engines

  • Large and small engines

  • And much more

Technical specifications

High compatibility

Compatible with almost all common   industrial endoscopes.

C-mount optical adapter

Standardized thread connection for camera lenses in the professional sector. Interchangeable TV adapters for focal lengths = 15 - 50 mm.

Programmable function keys

Intuitively simple 3-button operation for all functions including lighting and white balance control.

USB 3.0 / USB-C simple plug and play

For connecting a notebook, PC or tablet - can be used with or without software.

Integrated light source

LED cold light source with high illuminance of over 100,000 lux.

IP58 leak tested

Protected for long-term use in harsh environments.

Ergonomic and lightweight design

Ergonomic design and low weight (200 g) for non-tiring work.

The revolution in industrial endoscopy

Endo Industrial EN-sure plus head

EN-sure Plus

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