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Image-/ video format

.bmp, .jpg / video: .avi, .mp4

User interface

Pull-down menue / touch display

Everything you need.
For less than you think.

Endo Industrial EN-joy VTec M 1

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The product variant VTec X of the videoscope was specially developed for the tough operating conditions in the industrial environment. The extremely robust housing is made of chemical-resistant plastic and is additionally protected against impacts by bumpers. The robust probe with 4-way deflection (360°) made of tungsten mesh and a durable stainless steel probe head can also be used in extreme inspection areas. The endoscope is available with different probe lengths, diameters and directions of view.

Operation via the joystick enables intuitive, simple and precise probe control. The camera in the probe head has a high frame rate and resolution thanks to the HD CMOS sensor. Together with the high-contrast Full HD Touch LED display, the video endoscope delivers razor-sharp images for meaningful damage analyses.

The high-power LED light source and the high-performance glass fiber light guide illuminate the inspection area particularly brightly and make even the smallest details visible. Thanks to micro USB 2.0, mini HDMI connection and SD memory card slot, the endoscope is compatible for fast data transfer. Particularly practical: commercially available standard batteries can be quickly and inexpensively expanded with additional battery sets for long, uninterrupted inspections. Operation is also possible with a power pack.

EN-joy VTec X

All-rounder for industry

Areas of application

  • Maintenance work in aviation in engines and cavities

  • Quality assurance in manufacturing processes, e.g. B. in castings, engines and automotive parts

  • Security and customs-related checks of luggage, vehicle cavities, etc.

  • Inspection of pipes, boilers or heat exchangers in power plants

  • Gearbox inspections in wind turbines

  • Condition inspections on buildings, bridges etc.

  • Leak detection

Technical specifications

Operating environment

IP protection class

IP54 (housing), IP67 (probe)


max. 90%, no condensation

Operating temperature

-10° to 50° (housing)
-20° to 80° (probe)

SD and USB interfaces

On the side of the video endoscope
there is a protected SD card slot, a micro USB and a mini HDMI connection.

Brilliant 5.5" Full HD touch display

The LED display offers high color accuracy and can be adjusted to the ambient brightness.

Shockproof housing

Made of wear-resistant, chemical-resistant plastic with shock-absorbing bumpers for tough industrial use.

Joystick control

The thumb-controlled joystick offers intuitive movement control and precise control. The selection buttons enable operation with just one hand.

All-rounder for industry

Trigger button

The button on the back can be used to freeze images, record or start video recording.

Compatible battery pack

Suitable for commercially available standard batteries (type 18650).

Various lengths and diameters

Depending on the application, you can choose between different diameters, lengths and optical properties.

High image quality with 360° deflection

The camera has a high frame rate and resolution thanks to HD CMOS sensors. The distal end of the probe can be rotated 360° using the robust deflection mechanism.



38 cm x 17.5 cm x 13 / 10 cm


2.1 kg with batteries, 8.5 kg with suitcase


5.5“, 16:9, full HD, 1920 x 1080px


Photo, video, image rotation,
Brightness adjustment, Zoom in/out,
Inspection report,
File manager,
Image commentary,
Negative function


6 h


SD-card, SDHC class 2, max.128 GB

Power supply

4 rechargeable batteries, type: 18650 – protected
3,6/3,7 V ; 12V-power suppply, USB-C

Brightness adjustment

5-step adjustable


Micro USB 2.0
SD-card slot
HDMI 2.1


HD CMOS-sensor
automatic / manual
white balance
File transfer SD-card, USB 2.0, wireless (optional)


Transport sutacase
Battery charger (with 4 spaces)
Four Li-Ion rechargeable battery 18650-protected,
Power Supply
SD-card 32 GB incl. USB-adapter
Kabel: USB-C, Micro USB, Mini HDMI

Video probe

Working length





Probe diameter

1 m

1.5 m

2 m

3 m



5 m




8 m




Angle of view





Direction of view



4-way motorized with joystick (sensitivity: lock, fine, normal)

4-way motorized with joystick (sensitivity: lock, fine, normal)

4-way motorized with joystick (sensitivity: lock, fine, normal)

4-way motorized with joystick (sensitivity: lock, fine, normal)

Robust probe

The probe consists of several layers: stainless steel, a sealing layer and an outer layer of robust tungsten mesh guarantee a long service life.

Dual camera

With the innovative dual camera, interchangeable lenses are no longer necessary. The direction of view can be changed from 0° to 90° simply by pressing a button. Both cameras work in full screen mode.

 *6.0 mm also available with dual camera with a picture angle of 100°/90° and a viewing direction of 0°/90°

Endo Industrial EN-joy VTec M head

EN-joy VTec X

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