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Own manufacture

As a producing industrial company ENDO INDUSTRIAL knows about the diverse technical requirements and task-related challenges. We can offer a wide array of customer-specific endoscope solutions that are sophisticated in design and workmanship and tailored to your needs.

Endo Industrial manufaktur

Broad-ranging product portfolio

ENDO INDUSTRIAL offers a wide-ranging technical endoscope product portfolio to meet our customers’ requirements on site or in laboratory settings – based on experience and technical know-how.

Endo Industrial produkt portfolio
Endo Industrial ueber uns head

Your experts

for endoscope solutions

your experts

for endoscope solutions

About us

ENDO INDUSTRIAL is an innovative and aspiring company in the technical field of non-destructive material testing and process verification. We are specialized in the industrial endoscopy and we can offer a complete package – from production to sales and service. With special technical knowledge and widescale endoscopic experience we can assist our customers when it comes to find the appropriate endoscope solutions for different requirements and customer-specific demands. ENDO INDUSTRIAL is your partner of choice for all performance requirements in the Southern part of Germany and Switzerland.


Finding the right endoscopic solution for your technical applications: ENDO INDUSTRIAL offers a wide range of endoscopes with approved product-related expertise.

Repair service

For all types of defective or maintaining endoscopes and accessories the ENDO INDUSTRIAL repair service ensures a prompt and professional overhaul and reconditioning of your endoscopic equipment.

Rental/Inspection Service

With only a limited number of applications over the year the ENDO INDUSTRIAL rental and inspection service can be the right choice for your challenging technical needs.

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