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Diameter 2.5 and 3.8 mm



Field of view FOV

Angulation up/down

2.5 mm

700 mm


150° / 150°

3.8 mm

700 mm


150° / 150°

  • Excellent picture reproduction

  • Extreme resilience

  • Optimal protection of the optics

Endo Industrial flexible Endoskope 1

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Flexible fiber optic endoscopes are easy to handle and highly flexible thereby allowing the inspection of tiny cavities and crooked spaces that would be otherwise inaccessible to human vision. The flexibility of this type of endoscope is the result of the unique fiber optic image guide system.

Flexible endoscopes

Areas of application

  • Mobile and stationary areas of application in connection with the EN.sure camera

  • Quality assurance

Inspection of:

  • Castings

  • Turned and milled parts

  • Aircraft engines

  • Large and small engines

  • And much more

Technical specifications

Flexible probe shaft

Robust fine-meshed metal casing with special glass closure on the lens for high durability.

Light source connector

For the adaptation of stationary and mobile light sources for optimal illumination.

Deflection mechanism

Deflection of the probe tip in two directions via mechanical cables.

Focusing eyepiece

For transmission of the real image to the human eye or for digital display by adapting it to an EN.sure camera system.

Endo Industrial flexible Endoskope head

Flexible endoscopes

System overview

Directions of view

Rigid / flexible endoscope

HD camera adapter

HD camera

Light sources

Stationary LED light source

Portable battery light source
Light cable

Output media / documentation

Notebook / PC
EN sure Plus control unit

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