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Innovative borescope solutions for your industry


Optimize your quality assurance with our high-quality borescopes for NDT and more.

Innovative borescope solutions for your industry


Industrial borescopes are essential tools for non-destructive testing (NDT) in numerous industries. They enable precise visual inspection in hard-to-reach areas such as machinery, pipelines and engines. At ENDO INDUSTRIAL, we offer a wide range of borescopes known for their high-resolution imaging and robust construction.


Our borescopes are equipped with flexible probe systems that allow easy navigation even in tight and complicated inspection environments. With advanced features such as almost complete 360° imaging and high-intensity LEDs, our devices guarantee clear and detailed visualization of defects or flaws. They are waterproof and chemical resistant, making them ideal for use in various industrial environments.


Especially in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries, our borescopes help to reduce maintenance costs and improve quality assurance. Trust in ENDO INDUSTRIAL's expertise for your inspection needs and benefit from our innovative solutions for industrial endoscopy.

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Individual borescope solutions for your industry

  1. Non-destructive testing (NDT):
    Borescopes enable the visual inspection of machines and systems without having to dismantle them, saving time and money.

  2. High-resolution imaging:
    Thanks to advanced optics and lighting technologies, borescopes provide a clear and detailed view of defects and faults, enabling precise fault diagnosis.

  3. Flexible probe system:

    With flexible and articulated probe systems, borescopes can also reach and inspect hard-to-reach areas, which significantly expands their possible applications.

  4. Waterproof and chemical-resistant construction:
    The robust materials and waterproof design make borescopes ideal for use in harsh industrial environments and enable inspections even in damp or chemically contaminated areas.

  5. 360° imaging:
    Some borescopes offer a nearly full 360° imaging capability, allowing for more detailed analysis and accurate measurements of defects, improving inspection quality.

  6. Easy handling and navigation:
    Modern borescopes are lightweight and ergonomically designed, making them easy to handle and enabling quick and efficient inspection.

  7. Diverse areas of application:
    Borescopes are versatile and are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace and engineering for quality control and maintenance.

  8. Cost savings:
    By enabling inspections to be performed quickly and without disassembly, borescopes help reduce maintenance costs and maximize machine uptime.

These advantages make borescopes an indispensable tool in industrial inspection and maintenance.

8 Benefits of Borescopes

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Discover the efficiency and precision with industrial borescopes from ENDO INDUSTRIAL

As the manager of a company that manufactures components and assemblies, for example, you know how important continuous quality control on the conveyor belt is. Defective products can not only lead to increased costs and production delays, but also put your company's reputation at risk. The solution lies in implementing efficient and precise inspection methods. This is where ENDO INDUSTRIAL's industrial borescopes come into play.

What are borescopes?

Borescopes are highly specialized optical devices that allow you to visually inspect the inside of machines, assemblies, and other hard-to-reach areas. They consist of a flexible or rigid probe equipped with a camera and light sources. These devices are ideal for non-destructive testing (NDT) and provide a detailed view of potential defects or flaws.

Advantages of borescopes in industrial quality control

  1. Non-destructive testing:

    Borescopes allow you to perform inspections without damaging the test object. This not only saves time but also reduces costs as no additional resources are needed for disassembly and reassembly.

  2. High-resolution imaging:
    ENDO INDUSTRIAL's borescopes provide high-resolution imaging that makes even the smallest flaws and defects visible, which is critical to ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

  3. Flexibility and versatility:
    The flexible probe systems make it possible to reach even the most difficult to access areas. This makes borescopes a versatile tool for a wide range of inspection tasks in different industries.

  4. Time saving:
    The ability to perform quick and accurate inspections allows you to reduce production times and increase the efficiency of your manufacturing processes, resulting in significant cost reduction and increased productivity.

  5. Robust construction:
    ENDO INDUSTRIAL borescopes are made of high-quality materials and designed for use in harsh industrial environments. They are waterproof and chemical resistant, ensuring their durability and reliability.

  6. Detailed documentation:
    Advanced software and automatic image marking allow you to easily document and analyze inspection results, making it easier to track and improve product quality.

  7. Customizable probe lengths and diameters:
    ENDO INDUSTRIAL offers a variety of probe lengths and diameters so you can choose the perfect equipment for your specific inspection needs.

  8. User friendliness:
    The intuitive user interface and ergonomic design of the borescopes ensure that your employees can work quickly and efficiently, minimizing training time and increasing productivity.

Areas of application

The applications of borescopes are diverse and range from the automotive and aerospace industries to mechanical engineering and pipeline inspection. In the automotive industry, for example, borescopes enable the inspection of engines and transmissions, while in aviation they are used to check turbines and other critical components.

Specialized functions and technologies

ENDO INDUSTRIAL offers a range of borescopes with advanced features that can further optimize your inspection processes:

  • 360° probe rotation: This technology enables an almost 360° view of the inspected objects, which makes the detection and evaluation of defects immensely easier.

  • High-intensity lenses: These ensure optimal visibility of the inspection areas and guarantee a clear and distinct view.


  1. Experience and expertise:
    ENDO INDUSTRIAL has years of experience and expertise in manufacturing and supplying borescopes for various industrial applications. Their team of experts is continuously working to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of modern industry.

  2. Customized solutions:
    Every company has unique needs. ENDO INDUSTRIAL offers customized solutions that are tailored to your specific requirements. You can be sure that you will receive the best equipment and technology that perfectly fits your inspection needs.

  3. Comprehensive support and service:
    In addition to high-quality products, ENDO INDUSTRIAL also offers comprehensive support and service. From advice and training to maintenance and repairs - they always strive to ensure that your borescopes always function optimally.

  4. Competitive prices:
    Despite the high quality and advanced technology, ENDO INDUSTRIAL products are available at competitive prices. This makes it possible for companies of all sizes to benefit from the advantages of borescope inspection.


"Since we integrated ENDO INDUSTRIAL's borescopes into our inspection processes, we have been able to significantly improve our quality controls. The high image quality and ease of use have convinced us."

Max Müller, Quality Manager

“ENDO INDUSTRIAL borescopes are robust and reliable. They have helped us to shorten inspection times and reduce production costs.”
Julia Schmidt, Production Manager

Invest in the future of your inspection processes

Implementing borescopes into your quality control processes can make a significant difference in the efficiency and accuracy of your inspections. With ENDO INDUSTRIAL's state-of-the-art borescopes, you can ensure your products always meet the highest quality standards while saving time and money.


Visit our website for more information and discover how ENDO INDUSTRIAL can help you optimize your inspection processes and achieve your production goals. Contact us today to receive a consultation and find the best solution for your needs.


ENDO INDUSTRIAL is a leading supplier of industrial borescopes and endoscopes. With an extensive product portfolio and customized solutions, we help companies improve their inspection processes and ensure the highest quality standards. Our dedicated team of experts is on hand to provide you with comprehensive support and first-class service to ensure you always get the best solution for your needs.


Invest in the future of your inspection processes and benefit from ENDO INDUSTRIAL's innovative solutions. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and optimize your production processes.

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